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Ashish Pandhi

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About me

I am an engineer that is trying to make the world a more awesome place - one line of code at a time. I love being able to take an idea, build it, and get it in front of millions of people overnight. I started programming at the age of eleven and never looked back. My specialties include Web Development and Marketing.

Full name: Ashish Pandhi

Date of birth: 22 February 1995

Location: New York, New York

Email: [email protected]


Know more about my past

Ever since I started programming, I've been building. I build for companies, I build for clients, I build for myself. Below are some of the places I've worked at in the past few years.


  • JUNE 2014-JUNE 2015

    Lead Web Developer @ Ocrolus, LLC

    At Ocrolus, I am tasked with building the entire web stack in a secure and scalable manner. My work includes writing OAuth 2 server and client implementations, ensuring data security for HIPAA compliance, and efficiently displaying large datasets of Tesseract OCR output to the end user.

  • MARCH 2010-JUNE 2014

    Senior Programmer, Co-Founder @ Essence Labs

    Essence Labs was a creative agency. Over the past few years, we've done work for many Fortune 500 companies such as Toys 'R Us, Razor, FAO Shwarz, and Nestle. My primary tasks at Essence Labs included communicating with clients to assist with techincal questions, building and securing services on different platforms, and taking client ideas and turning them into beautiful, refined pieces of code.

  • APRIL 2014-OCTOBER 2014

    Software Developer @ Wheeli

    Wheeli is a ride sharing service for students. The primary codebase was written in Django and PostgreSQL. I also assisted in creating the brand image and social media strategies for Wheeli's advertising campaigns.


    Consultant @ Studio Xenix

    Studio Xenix is the developer of the largest enhancement suite for Tumblr. Throughout my consultations with Studio Xenix, I penetration tested and load balanced the server architecture, along with debugging and optimizing the iOS App in Objective-C.



    Queue+ - 300,000 users

    Queue+ is an advanced social media management system built using Node.js and MongoDB. Over 4% of all of Tumblr's daily posts are posted via Queue+. There have been over 2.2 Billion posts so far and the average user posts 1,400 times a month. The average user growth is over 60% month to month. No money was spent on marketing.


    Archive Poster - 3.5 million installs

    Archive Poster allows users to view quickly select and create posts on Tumblr. It enhances Tumblr's native blog archive and adds additional features such as checking number of posts left before the Tumblr post limit is reached. Archive Poster has a 4.5 star rating on the chrome web store with over 2,500 reviews. There are 205,000 monthly active users with 500+ new installs every day.

  • SEPTEMBER 2013-CURRENT - 40,000 users allows users to filter and sort their Tumblr dashboard. Users can create lists of the blogs they love, and see only their posts on their dashboard without having to follow them. Users can also share and follow other lists and collaborate with each other.

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